Forum Title: Window leaks between top of sash and frame
I am not an expert on this so my terms might not be proper. I have a leak from a stationary window in our living room. Leak seems to be coming from where top of window sash meets the frame. This window is a stationary one in the middle and there are sliding windows on each side. We had heavy rain the other day and I could see water dripping from the top area from the inside. No leak between glass panels. I looked from outside and I can see that there's a thin gap at the top with some molds developing. What's causing this issue? Should I just apply caulking at the gap? I have life-time warranties for my windows (Millgards). Is this something that would be covered under the warranty? Picture of the window from the outside:
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Michael Blocher (, ), 01/25/2019

Interesting! I've painted lots of houses in fla but have never seen a set up like that. I would assume you are right that they are some type of hurricane storm windows. Look forward to seeing if someone can confirm

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (Salem, OR), 03/02/2019

Thanks for your response. I added three images. First one shows the inside view of the window with a circle around the area where I noticed the leak. Second one shows the view of the window from outside. Middle one is the stationary window that is showing leaks. Third picture shows the closeup view of the area above window sash from the outside. Notice small mold growth between sash and frame. And it's right below the vent. Forth picture is another closeup view of the area above window sash from the outside. Windows do have weep holes at the bottom. Opening at the top is the small vent which you open and close from inside. Thanks!

- LISA MARTINEZ (Syracuse, NY), 02/09/2019

Huh! Well I guess the first thing I would suspect is that vent. Maybe it's just the picture, but it almost looks like a louver is missing/broken. If the vent is what's leaking then yeah, I would think that would be a warranty item. Was it a wind driven rain that caused it to leak? And have you gotten on a ladder and checked the bottom of the transom windows above the slider?

- CARLOS REYES (Sterling Heights, MI), 03/02/2019

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