Forum Title: Window leak or something else? Where to start troubleshooting
I have a basement window that apparently has a leak, but only when it rains heavily. The window is under our deck, and sits on the foundation, but the water is coming in from the top of the window as there are water stains showing dripping. The windows itself (where the glass meets the vinyl) does not appear to be leaking, but honestly I don't know where the water is coming from other than it is coming from somewhere along the top of the window. The question is, how do I start troubleshooting this? It could be anything from an improperly installed and flashed window, to a bigger siding problem where water is getting behind the siding somewhere above the window and flowing down? But I'm thinking even if I have a siding problem (there are no obvious problems, siding appears to be in good shape), shouldn't a properly installed window keep the water out anyway if it gets behind the siding? And who do I call to repair something like this? A handyman? A basement leak guyl? Are there guys that fix windows? A siding guy? Thanks for your time.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SETH FIGUEROA (Bethlehem, PA), 01/02/2019

Can you post a picture of the part from farther away? I can't picture where this part is from the closeups. In 22 yrs I have never seen a window part like that.

- CARL PHILLIPS (Pittsburg, CA), 02/23/2019

Really would be helpful if you could post a picture so we can see what your seeing.

- NATALIE PARKS (New Britain, CT), 02/01/2019

OK, will post a picture when I can take one during daylight. I wanted to hold off on the garden hose technique until the drywall completely dried. We had really heavy rains here in the midwest yesterday so I wanted to give the general area a bit of time to dry out. Will post pictures shortly.......thanks!

- TERRY NGUYEN (Buckeye, AZ), 02/09/2019

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