Forum Title: Steel or Fiberglass Doors? Best brands to look at?
We are going to replace 3 entry doors. 2 of these doors go from our family room to our deck and the other from our laundry room to the back of the house. The 2 doors going out to the deck are full glass with grilles. The one from the laundry room is half glass with grilles. My wife wants built in miniblinds in all 3 (blinds in the glass). We went to Lowes last night and they have RELIABILT doors, which they would have to order. They asked if we wanted steel or fiberglass (we have steel now) and we were not sure which were better. The salesperson said Fiberglass were more expensive but had better thermal properties. The doors from Lowes are about $550 each, unfinished and about $750 finished. If you could give me your thoughts on the best type of door (steel or fiberglass), the best brand (is RELIABILT good) and whether we should have them finished or not it would be appreciated. Thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CURTIS CHAPMAN (Livonia, MI), 01/08/2019

First try removing the trim on both sides of the door. You dont want to cut the walls. If it doesnt fit after removing the trim buy a smaller machine. Good luck

- PEDRO VALDEZ (Cheyenne, WY), 02/22/2019

A good fiberglass door is going to cost more than that. Homeguard and Provia make the two nicest fiberglass doors in my opinion.

- SHEILA GUZMAN (Richland, WA), 02/20/2019

I would take fiberglass. 4 years ago I changed one front door: my old was shaky wooden. Of course it was not very cheap, but I'm glad. That looks like this: I recommend to choose door that looks harmoniously with the exterior.

- ROBERTA GUERRERO (Medford, OR), 02/25/2019

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