Forum Title: Soffit blocking screen door installation
The house I just purchased has a great patio out back, but the door to it was strangely without a screen door. While taking measurements to figure out what door I would need, I realized there was a pretty clear reason for the lack of a screen door: The soffit hangs down in the way of the opening. The attached picture will clear up any question you may have around what I mean. The soffit is angled as well, because if it were level with the ground, it would actually block in the top two inches of the door frame. I'm really not sure how the contractor who built the house could have made this kind of decision. Anyway, the thing I'm trying to determine is what route should I take to get a screen door in to allow for a nice cross breeze in the house and make my wife happy!Option 1: Cut out a section of the fascia large enough to allow for the door to swing open and re-align the gutter to make way. The position of the door and the height of the fascia is enough that I should be able to adjust and still get about 1/4 to 1/2 per 10' on the gutter slope.Option 2: Get a screen door that is about 4 shorter than the door frame, block out the top gap where the door doesn't meet the top, and allow the screen door to swing under the soffit.Option 3: Get one of those new roll-in/out screen doors to avoid any issue with the soffit. This ended up not being possible because the soffit is sloped so close that mounting the bracket that houses the roll-up screen door is not possible. Can't even fit a mini-screwdriver to drive it into the frame.Option 4: Any other / better ideas?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: CLIFTON OCONNOR (Ventura, CA), 01/14/2019

Depending on your frame set up on the windows now, you may be able to get a mid range window from Pella, JeldWen, Andersen, MW to fit the opening as a replacement window. Of course we can't see what you see, so pictures would help. In retrofitting doors, minor differences in the size of the frame versus the doors would make just swapping the doors an inefficient move. IF you could find exact replacement door frames, you could do as you stated and just do an R&R.

- KRISTINA SINGH (St. Petersburg, FL), 02/19/2019

Hey Larry, thanks for your reply! Unfortunately though, like I mentioned, option 3 is not possible because the soffit actually is close enough that it actually blocks the brackets from being mounted. I can't even fit a screw driver in there. I suppose I could probably make it work if I temporarily removed the soffit, but if I'm going to the trouble of removing it, I may as well cut things out a bit and just use a normal door.

- DIANNE OCONNOR (Danbury, CT), 02/17/2019

It can be done but it will leave the house looking like a hacked up mess. Another option would be to replace the door with one with an opening window with a screen in it.

- VICTOR PRICE (Lawrence, KS), 02/15/2019

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