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About to pick up a interior pre-hung door where I made the mistake of having the hinges placed on the opposite side than what I want. Rather than buy a new interior door, is it possible to remove the molding and use it with some modifications? Suspect the hinges may need to be reversed, etc.? Another option is to purchase new molding and duplicate, but reversing, the cutouts and fittings. Have not priced the cost of molding but if within $50 of a replacement then probably end up ordering a new door. Advice and comments appreciated!! dave
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SANDRA MOORE (Naperville, IL), 01/09/2019

Ouch... Replacing a jamb pretty much means uninstalling the least for an amateur. By that I mean a skilled carpenter might be able to do it, but it's a tough job for anyone else. I believe they make jamb repair kits that just get screwed in place? Might be simpler to just replace the door, frame and all. Depends on the construction.

- WILMA VEGA (Kansas City, KS), 03/07/2019

Is this a custom door??In all practicality, you can reverse the door, and instead of it being a left hand outward opening door, it will become a left hand inward opening door. Recutting the hinge mortises and the latch mortises will be a major thing. THEN, you have to fill the abandoned mortises. It can look really bad. Buying a new frame trim kit will allow you to cut new mortises, and may fall in your budget.

- DANA RIOS (Marietta, GA), 02/18/2019

I agree it's best to swap out the door for one with the right swing. If you are stuck using that door and must move the hinges - paint stir sticks work good for filling most of the hinge mortise. If you do a decent job of cutting/fitting them, you'll only need a little painter's putty to finish off the repair. Stirs sticks are usually the same thickness as the hinge.

- VICKIE MARQUEZ (Delray Beach, FL), 02/19/2019

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