Forum Title: Entry Door (Laundry Room) - Best Insulation (Wood vs Fiberglass)?
Hi, I currently have an exterior pine wood door with 4 glass panel windows that goes into my laundry room. The laundry room doesn't have baseboard heating installed in it, and you can definitely feel the cold in the laundry room when you are in it. There is also another composite type door in the laundry room that goes into my garage. From the laundry room I have another 6 panel pine wood door that goes into my family room. The family room is always colder than the rest of the house and I always have to increase the heat just to heat up this room. I can feel how cold the exterior pine wood door with 4 glass panel windows and the composite garage door are always cold. I was thinking of changing these 2 doors with a better insulated doors. My question is do you think changing these 2 doors to a fiberglass insulated type doors will help with the coldness in the laundry room? Thank you!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KRISTEN BARNETT (Costa Mesa, CA), 01/27/2019

I ran into this once. The jambs are installed prior to plastering and the fasteners are hidden. We used a reciprocating saw and cut the jambs out. We had to add some framing and drywall then hang and trim new doors.

- JOHN JOHNSON (Austin, TX), 02/18/2019

What kind of heat (forced air or radiators)? The first thing learned through the years in different homes is to have enough cold air returns (one or more) in the lowest conditioned space (family room is your case, apparently) to suck the cold out and mix with the rest of before heating or cooling. - It does wonders for uniformity and comfort. The type of solid door you have does not make much difference, since you would be splitting hairs. You now have 4 holes (windows) in your current door. I would treat the door installation to the garage as an exterior door and make sure it is well sealed and weather stripped to prevent air infiltration and odors from the garage. You have daily heat source in the laundry room except the washer and dryer, but is a good buffer and break from the cooler garage temps. Dick

- JO JOSEPH (Sunrise, FL), 02/15/2019

Attached is the layout of that section of the house. Yes, maybe I should first try sealing and weather stripping the best I can before changing the doors. The heating I have is hot water baseboard heating in the family room. And I have 1 or 2 A/C central air vents in the ceiling but I close them during the winter. However, I don't feel any air coming through the A/C vents; it mainly seems to come in through the recessed lighting. I'll check the thickness of the glass door when I get home and see what it is. Yes, it looks like the existing door is a hollow composite door going from the laundry room to the garage. Maybe I should buy a new door for here that is fire rated and solid? I purchased the house this past July; so I'm not sure if the previous owners added this laundry room or maybe the owners before them. It is strange that there is just a 4 glass panel exterior door that goes into the laundry room. When the main French doors is right next to this door. We never use this 4 glass panel exterior door so it's just locked all the time. I added recessed lighting to the family room and I remember when I had the holes cut open, I could feel air coming through the holes and even through the outlet switches in that room when I took the cover plates off. My only guess is maybe they didn't do a good job insulation by the garage/laundry room ceiling and the air is leaking from the laundry/garage room ceiling into the family room. I was thinking of using spray foam and injecting it in any of the holes that the recessed lighting cans have to hopefully make it air tight. Thank you!

- CHRISTINA HOWARD (Union City, CA), 02/12/2019

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